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Community Supported Mycoculture (CSM) 

Myco-what?? Well, you've probably heard of CSA boxes, or "communicty supported agriculture". This is the same thing, only--instead of "agri"culture, you're supporting "myco"culture. "Myco" equals "mushrooms"--which is what we're all about. 

Our Community Supported Mycoculture (CSM) program allows you to recieve ultra fresh mushrooms straight from our farmers after the market season is over. 

We bring you seasonal mixed mushrooms harvested fresh every week. 

Pick Up 

                            every Wednesday 5:30pm-6:30pm

Washignton Cracker Building

304 W. Pacific Ave. Suite 210

(google map)

two Pints - 12 Week Subscription 

$9 for 2 pints of fresh mushrooms

Pre-pay for 12 weeks

Four Pints - 12 Week Subscription 

$16 for 4 pints of fresh mushrooms

Pre-pay for 12 weeks


Questions? Please review our FAQs or send us a note. 

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