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What kind of shrooms will I get each week & will I find out before the pick-up? 

Oyster varieties will vary each week depending on season & harvest times. Some weeks you may get multiple varieties, while other weeks you may only get one. We will shoot you an email before the pick up date to let you know what kind of mushrooms you'll be getting. 

What payment methods are accepted & how do I pay? 

Payment is due at the time you sign up for the subscription and will cover the 12 week cycle.

We accept debit & credit cards. 

What if I can't make the day & time of the pick-up? 

We prefer that you send someone in your place to pick up your order & let us know before hand who that person is. If you are unable to send a friend, please contact us 24 hours before the scheduled day and time & we will try our best to arrange something! If we do not recieve notification, and you do not show up to pick up your mushrooms, there will be no refund on your order. 

There are more than 12 weeks until the market season starts again.

What do I do after that? 

We will start another 12 week subscription base at the end of the current cycle. But don't worry, we will remind you to sign up for another session when we are getting close to the end of the current one! 

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